About Westbourne

Rewarding the courage to learn


Westbourne College offers online courses with expert trainers who have walked the talk.

Our students come from the widest range of backgrounds. The majority are making the transition out of the military, the police, emergency services or government.

Students leaving uniformed service or government are drawn to Westbourne College because our team shares their ethos. Our students learn from instructors who have themselves served their communities and their country in uniform. Our students and instructors share a common language.

Also, our instructors have the real-life experience to mentor students making their own successful transition from service into rewarding private sector engagements.

Whatever your background, a nationally accredited qualification from Westbourne College puts you in the driving seat for your next career move.


Why choose Westbourne College?


You’ll choose Westbourne College if you’re looking for rigorous online courses and robust qualifications that are nationally accredited and recognised.


You’ll choose us if you’re looking for a college that respects your prior learning, but you also want a mentor who’ll give it you straight about any gaps — and who can give you the right advice advice about how to fill them.


You’ll choose us if you’re looking for supportive trainers who know how to inspire students who have not been successful with formal learning before.


In short, you’ll choose us if you’re looking for real qualifications with the power to unlock the next step in your career.