Recognition of Prior Learning: Full RPL VS A Blended Approach

Westbourne College is a highly regarded Registered Training Organisation (RTO#41084) offering a large range of Nationally Recognised Qualifications from Certificate IV to Diploma level training. One of the services that we offer is Recognition of Prior Learning, also known as RPL. Our aim is to help those individuals who have learnt valuable skills on the job receive nationally recognised qualifications that will enhance their position when exposed to potential employers.
Whether you are wanting a career change or just simply to grow your skill set, don’t let your years of experience go to waste. At Westbourne, we value a person’s previous work experience and skills learnt on the job. Our team of professionals can help map your experiences and skills against technical units that will assist you in achieving your qualification.

In order to achieve most qualifications or certificates, a series of units will need to be completed to earn credits. As you analyse a particular course and the units of competency needed to earn your credits, you may notice that your previous work experience satisfies these requirements.
Working alongside our team, you will provide evidence that establishes your level of competency that will ultimately reduce your study-load and fast-track your qualification. The evidence you provide to support your qualification must be current within the last 5 years. Examples of evidence includes references, resumes, qualifications, training courses, workplace documents that you have personally produced, emails etc.
Our trainers have first-hand experience with conducting recognition of prior learning assessments as well as a realistic view of how far an RPL will take you in order to help determine whether you are eligible to receive a Full RPL or blended approach of part-study, part-RPL.
So, what is the difference between a Full RPL & Blended Approach?
Full RPL

When it comes to achieving the desired qualifications or certificates, it can take time that you may not be able to fit into your schedule. With a Full RPL approach, you are cutting the time required to become qualified in the respected field of study. Our trainers will request documentation and match these on-the-job, prior learnings to the units required within the course. There is no study time required and you will receive your qualification within a two-week timeframe. By using this full recognition of prior learning approach, you will be able to continue your job while also becoming qualified in the respected field of study which will allow you to grow your skill-set for whatever future endeavours you wish to achieve.

A blended approach
A blended approach may be the most appropriate option if your previous skills may fit some, but not all necessary units. This will require a combination of recognition of prior learning, alongside study to take the next step in your career. Using this approach, you will be building a foundation of learning and technical aspects that won’t crack under pressure in an interview or on the job.
By using either of these recognition of prior learning approaches, you will be enhancing your understanding and academic ability in the respected field of service you wish to pursue.

Have a question?
After transitioning away from a high-pressure environment that you previously worked in, take your time exploring our wide range of courses to determine your ideal career path here. If you are not certain on what your current skills would qualify for, click here to fill out our Recognition of Prior Learning request form and one of our team members will get in contact.

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