Meet Our Team

Our team has had extensive experience in law enforcement and business which means that we understand the needs of our students and can deliver our services at a high standard. Our group of trainers have been there when theory hits reality and they can teach you how to apply your new knowledge in the real world.

Robert Gillespie


Robert is a security trainer and oversees the training provided by Westbourne College.

Conscious that our students need their training to be applicable in the real world and having honed his own skills at the sharp end, Rob makes sure that our courses and trainers prepare students for the situations they’ll face.

Over his 21-year career with NSW Police, Robert coordinated large security operations and investigated significant criminal matters. He was responsible for investigations requiring extensive planning and security arrangements. Rob also facilitated the formal training of police investigators for 10 years.

Today, Robert is a licensed security consultant and lead auditor for Daris Group. Daris Group has been engaged by the NSW Government to provide audit functions for operation COVID19. Outside of his role at Westbourne College, he advises Australian national businesses and major sporting organisations on security and risk, as well as consulting to federal and state agencies on sensitive matters.


Beaudie Cullen


Beaudie is a proud Wangarra man who is strong in his aboriginal culture. He was raised in Inala, located south-west of Brisbane, in Queensland.

 Beaudie is the Managing Director of Westbourne College, a Nationally Recognised Training Organisation with a rich background in Training and Education, delivering accredited qualifications across a wide range of industries.

Beaudie joined the NSW Police Force at 18 years old. Over his 17-year career with NSW Police, Beaudie has investigated significant criminal matters, coordinated large Police operations and received the Rotary Community Police officer of the year award for work in the community.

He is very passionate about providing this network of support for Indigenous people throughout NSW, and ultimately Australia. He currently runs a free fitness and program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and mentors every Monday, Saturday and Sunday mornings from a local high school and community. The program has been highly successful in assisting those with mental health issues and supporting educational outcomes.

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