Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


What is RPL?

Many of our students have lived a life. They’ve excelled at important work. They’ve led men and women in challenging circumstances. They’ve won against odds that their future colleagues won’t be able to imagine. Now, they’re making the transition into a new career and they’re hitting a road block…

…They’re coming up against first-line employment screeners who don’t understand the lives our students have led or what they’ve achieved. These gatekeepers need to see formal qualifications. But, you shouldn’t have to study what you can already demonstrate you know.

This is where recognition of prior learning (RPL) comes in.

At Westbourne College, we know first hand how important RPL is. Our trainers have themselves learned skills and earned experience in uniform — skills and experience that have been recognised as prior learning.

We have the background knowledge to assess your prior learning so that you don’t have to study what we can see you already know. We’ll talk to you about where you’ve been, what you’ve learned before and where you want to go. Then we will work with you to find the right qualifications for your next step.

Westbourne College RTO - Australia - Online Courses - Security and Risk Management - Business - Projects Cert 4 and Diploma
Westbourne College RTO - Australia - Online Courses - Security and Risk Management - Business - Projects Cert 4 and Diploma
Westbourne College RTO - Australia - Online Courses - Security and Risk Management - Business - Projects Cert 4 and Diploma


What everyone should know about RPL

The whole team at Westbourne College is dedicated to cementing the foundations of your next career move.

Because our trainers have first-hand experience with RPL, they also have a realistic view of how far prior learning will take you. Our trainers have seen what happens when there are gaps between what someone has learned in the field and what they need to demonstrate to interview for, win and keep the job they want.

Succeeding in taking the next step in your career might mean having the courage to accept appropriate RPL then studying the rest. Using this approach, you build a foundation of learning that won’t crack under pressure in an interview or on the job.

Fortunately, most students coming from a service background know very well that there’s the easy way and there’s the way that actually gets you to your objective.

If you want someone you can trust to give you a friendly but straight assessment of your prior learning, together with first-hand insights into your career transition, make sure to call us first.


RPL Further Information

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process of assessing people’s experience and practical application they have gained in the workplace.  These skills and knowledge can then be converted to a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

Many individuals have many years of experience and knowledge, but lack formal qualifications to take the next step in their career.  Westbourne College assessors are highly trained and are able to map your experience against competency based assessment practices.

What is required to provide a person with RPL? The answer is evidence.

 Evidence can be provided in a number of forms to our assessors and you will be surprised how easy it really is.  Documentation is great, because it is proof of the work you do or have done in the past.

The information you provide is based on all your life experience and knowledge but the evidence supplied for a qualification needs to be current within the last five years.  Evidence can be in the form of references, resumes, qualifications, training courses, workplace documents you have produced, emails etc.

We also interview all our candidates to help fill in any gaps you may have or we help you to find evidence that you may not have thought of.

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