Upgrade your security qualifications – How to kick-start your career

I have worked in law enforcement and the security industry for 31 years and I am still amazed that most people I know in the Security Industry don’t have any qualifications higher than Certificate II of Security Operations.
The security industry is an ever-changing and fast paced environment that requires people to be informed and constantly updated, not only in the latest electronic security advancements, but in issues relating to law, work, health and safety, risk management, terrorism and worldwide health pandemics.
I speak to a lot of people within the security industry and they always ask me how they can get ahead and become more financially successful. My answer is always simple; “Find the right course within the industry that relates to your field of operations that will enhance your skills and experience and will help you land the job you want.”
Getting back into training can take some adjustment, but it may be the kick-start you need to get you thinking about your future and what role you want to pursue. If you already work in the field, the study won’t be as daunting as you may think. You should already understand a lot of the concepts and work practices. Study will provide current competency and a broader understanding of risk management principles, management roles and responsibilities.
Employers like to see people that will extend themselves by completing courses. This shows employers that you’re prepared to work hard to improve your knowledge and experience and that you keep up with current industry practices, technology and global trends. All of which impact us in our own backyard or your exposure in overseas markets.
A lot of people that enter the security industry start at the lower end of the industry, working as a static guard or crowd controller, at events, hotels or protecting corporate facilities. The industry is much more and people need to search and understand the breadth and diversity of entry level and high paying jobs available across the industry to realise the exciting options available.
The simple fact is that if you don’t possess the right qualifications you will not be competitive in applying for many other roles and management positions because you do not have the education and training to support your experience.
In today’s work environment you have to stand out from the crowd and educate yourself so that you are a valuable resource, not only to your current employer but to a potential new one. I always tell people to be honest with themselves and by doing your own self-analysis, determine how a course will enhance your personal development and career. After undertaking a training course your employer may see or hear concepts from you that they had not noticed or seen before. This could lead to new potential opportunities for you to advance your career.
Listed potential new job roles include and not limited to;

  • Event Management
  • Security control room manager
  • Security operations supervisor/manager
  • Security business manager
  • Technical security manager
  • Security risk specialist
  • Security consultant
  • Security policy analyst
  • Security strategist
  • Owner/operator of your own security company.

As of 2019, the Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management (CPP40707) was superseded and replaced by two new Certificate IV’s. The Certificate IV in Security Management (CPP40719) and the Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis (CPP41519).  These courses are also the study pre-requisite to study the new Diploma of Security Risk Management (CPP50619), which replaced the previous Diploma of the same name (CPP50611).
In regards to these qualifications, the good news is that not everyone has to do a full course, some people don’t have to do any study at all. Depending on your work experience in the security industry you may be eligible for full RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) or undertake the best option of a blended approach of study and RPL.  A blended approach allows you recognition for you current skills, whilst providing training for the gaps in your experience.
If you want to have a serious chat about your future, let our experienced staff at Westbourne College (RTO#41084) help you get to where you want to go. We can tailor any course to suit your needs and assist you identify what qualifications you will need. We closely review and understand your current experience so you don’t have to study any more than you have to, but graduate as a professional in your field.

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